Africa Special Opportunities Capital Advisory

Pre-eminent special situations advisory for Sub-Saharan Africa

We breathe new life into businesses by designing and implementing appropriate organizational, operational and financial re-structuring solutions that facilitate turnaround in performance.

Providing services to the underperforming, turnaround and restructuring markets across Sub-Saharan Africa.


are a niche provider of business services to the under-performing, turnaround and restructuring markets across sub-Saharan Africa;
help companies to stabilise financial and operating performance;
engage with challenges head-on, to protect our client’s interests and provide cost effective solutions.

Our Culture

is comfortable with change;

is an appropriate mix of corporate focus and entrepreneurial initiative;

is hands-on and execution driven;

delivers client-centric solutions cost effectively.

Our People

are resilient and respectful

maintain the highest standards of integrity

are appropriately skilled and experienced for each client; 

are professional and take pride in their work; 

have a sense of urgency.

Our experience

is deep, varied and extends

across the c-suite and executive management;

across borders;

across industries;

across varying client situations.