Our purpose is to breathe new life into businesses.

ASOCapital provides companies with flexible funding solutions to facilitate holistic re-structuring and re-capitalisation.

We seek to be responsible custodians of our partners' capital, investing agile capital, alongside turnaround solutions, for the long term success of Africa’s corporates, communities and people.

Agile and Flexible Capital

Agile and Flexible Capital to support companies where situations are ill suited to more traditional sources of capital; and

AsoCapital Design and Execution of Solutions

Design and Execution of Solutions by appropriately skilled and experienced professionals in compressed time frames, in order to assist management teams effectively navigate such challenging circumstances.

Leadership & Corporate governance best practices

Best-practice Social, Environmental and Corporate Governance principles are implemented, monitored and measured across both our Fund operations and investee companies to drive the transition to sustainable, responsible corporate citizenship.


Our team is comprised of people who are passionate about turning businesses around. They care deeply and work tirelessly to preserve value and ensure sustainability.

AsoCapital Our philosophy & approach

Our philosophy & approach

Turnaround capital is a critical tool for reducing the effects of poverty in emerging markets, by preventing the loss of corporate businesses and facilitating access to formal credit, at the same time, preserving jobs.

ASOCapital seeks to ease the pressure of non-performing loans (NPLs) and facilitates the normalisation of obligations of corporates, communities and people. At the same time, we seek to introduce and support best resolution practices. Access to finance and credit helps drive economic growth.

When investors and lenders have unresolved or underperforming credits on their books, the flow of credit stalls, and so does growth. With the growth of credit globally, effective ways of resolving distressed assets are increasingly critical. The ability to quickly resolve problem assets is even more imperative during times of financial crisis.

As distressed assets are cleared from a financial system, economic recovery can pick up pace and lending and job creation can resume.

Portfolio Investments

Opti Baby

Effective date: 4 April 2017
Total investment: Ordinary shares and debt claims (100% interest)

Okuhle Media

Effective date: 7 June 2017
Total investment: Ordinary shares and debt claims (80.5% interest)


Effective date: 30 June 2018
Total investment: Ordinary shares and debt claims (100% interest)